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The Superintendent has total responsibility for Field Operations. This position is primarily responsible for direct supervision of all RBD personnel and for coordination of all Subcontractors. This position is inherently responsible for a properly scheduled and orderly project completed on time and within budget.


  1. Directs and schedules all Subcontractor activities.
  2. Monitors the Progress, Performance and Quality of all Subcontractors work.
  3. Participates in the preparation of the project schedule with the Project Manager.
  4. Insures compliance by RBD forces and subcontractors with the project schedule.
  5. Implement and monitor the safety program for the project and insure all subcontractors comply with the safety program.
  6. Responsible for purchasing job materials in time to meet the project schedule
  7. Coordinate and schedule all job inspections.
  8. Monitor all work, including subcontractor work, to be sure it complies with plans and specifications.
  9. Review and Implement all changes to the contract as required.
  10. Responsible for recording and sending time cards and equipment reports to the Office by 5:00pm each Wednesday and submitting complete Daily Progress Reports to the Project Manager.
  11. Responsible for review and analysis of cost report information.
  12. Maintain communications with Project Manager on administrative portions of the project.
  13. Responsible for project completion, on time, with minimal punch list items.
  14. Insure project meets or exceeds the owner’s expectations.
  15. Responsible with the project manager for the administration of the signed contract in respect to conformance with the agreement, plans, specifications and changes. Must be familiar with contract requirements.
  16. Responsible for insuring the construction of the project conforms to plans and specifications.
  17. Responsible for planning of all field events, insuring the activities performed having been thoroughly planned ahead of time.
  18. Monitor the job progress for compliance with the project work plan.
  19. Compliance with all company policies and procedures.
  20. Hire & Fire foreman, craftsman and laborers.
  21. Evaluate performance of Subcontractors/suppliers
  22. Responsible for solving problems, possibly in conjunction with the Project Manager and/or President.
  23. Monitor the use and charges involved with RBD tools and outside equipment rental, noting equipment on the Daily Diary and coding the monthly equipment report.
  24. Maintain a rapport with all the team members, demonstrating leadership abilities and good judgment.
  25. Optimize the profitability of the company through field planning and efficiency without jeopardizing the quality, safety, or completion of the project.
  26. Attend project planning preconstruction & post construction meetings.
  27. Coordinate deliveries, handling, storage and placement of materials on the jobsite.
  28. Through job experience and training, demonstrate an attribute for professional growth.
  29. Attend weekly jobsite meetings including O/A/C and Subcontractor meetings.
  30. Select, train, and direct foremen and other RBD employees.
  31. Maintain Blueprints, specifications and as-builts. Be knowledgeable in all aspects of the job.
  32. Attend meetings as scheduled in the office.
  33. Attend weekly Superintendent meetings in the office.
  34. Prepare and submit RFI’s
  35. Review shop drawings, submittals & technical drawings information, to ensure constructability and coordination of work.
  36. Basic knowledge of Building code
  37. Maintain OSHA certifications.
  38. Utilize pre-task planning tools and JHA Forms as required.
  39. Conduct weekly tailgate safety meetings with RBD personnel and subcontractors. Property document these meetings.
  40. Control/manage field labor budgets and efficient labor forces in the field.
  41. Utilize company Quality Control forms and conduct/document quality control inspections accordingly.
  42. Maintain accurate as-built drawings during progress of construction including posting/updating plans with all rfi’s and other plan changes.


  1. Complete the project within Budget, on time and without any downstream liabilities.
  2. Maximize relationships with Subcontractors and Suppliers.
  3. Enhance the image and reputation of RBD with the Owner.
  4. Minimize accidents and safety violations with concerted effort in regard to safety program.






The Project Manager is responsible for project administration in accordance with corporate policies and procedures. These efforts must be coordinated with the project Superintendent to insure that company goals and objectives are met through team participation with the field personnel. At all times the Project Manager and the project Superintendent will be working together as a team to insure a productive and efficient working environment for both the field personnel and the office staff.


  1. Report on the status of the project as accurately as possible with emphasis on the anticipated cost to complete.
  2. Insure that all required administrative and field paperwork is completed weekly, including the review and approval of all invoices.
  3. Insure that the project is completed in conformance with the signed contract, subcontracts, agreements, plans, specifications and changes in a diligent and professional manner.
  4. Attend all administrative weekly meetings as scheduled in the main office.
  5. Conform all work to corporate policies and procedures.
  6. Complete timely and thorough buy-out procedures with an emphasis on completing all buy-outs under budget.
  7. Insure that all subcontractors have proper licenses, insurance requirements, up to date Workman’s Comp insurance and financial capabilities to complete their work. (Once a list of proposed subcontractors/suppliers has been completed this information will be compiled by the Accounting department and reviewed by the project manager.)
  8. Review the references and background information on the subcontractors/suppliers to eliminate the usage of disreputable companies on RBD jobsites.
  9. Display attributes that enhance the image of RBD with clients, owners and subcontractors.
  10. Insure the RBD President is aware and has the needed information on any problems that may be of corporate interest.
  11. Insure that all projects are planned and administrated as efficiently as possible.
  12. Optimize the profitability of the company, by demonstrating the abilities of a decision maker through reliable and mature judgment.
  13. Coordinate the submittal process by checking all the items for compliance with the project specifications and drawings.
  14. Create and update a detailed submittal log insuring that all submittals are received and reviewed by all parties involved with the project.
  15. Monitor and update the schedule with the superintendent.
  16. Reviews the information provided in weekly job cost/man hour printouts with superintendent.
  17. Responsible for all correspondence required with owner, architect, engineer, subcontractor and suppliers for proper documentation of the project.
  18. Assure the quality of the overall project by utilizing the ZERO punch list program
  19. Prepare the project schedule with the superintendent prior to the start of the project to insure that both the field personnel and the office staff are working together towards the same common goal.
  20. Responsible for directing supervision and training of project engineers.
  21. Responsible for coordinating owner billings with accounting and tracking for timely payments from the project owners.
  22. Responsible for reporting monthly job cost projections.
  23. Approve and monitor payments to subcontractors and suppliers.
  24. Monitor the job progress for compliance with the project plan and schedule.
  25. Evaluate performance of subcontractors/supplies and review that information at the Project Managers Meeting.
  26. Review with the president the effectiveness and performance of the project engineer.
  27. Maintain a relationship with the superintendent and other team members to enhance and develop a productive project team
  28. Attend weekly project meetings and project subcontractor meetings. Facilitate all individuals present with agendas and meeting minutes.
  29. Process change orders in accordance with procedures and insure superintendent has all information for implementation.
  30. Responsible for receiving and assembling all operations and maintenance manuals upon job completion.
  31. Insure that all safety standards and practices of the company are being strictly adhered and that a job specific safety and health standards are posted on the jobsite.
  32. Complete preconstruction and post construction meetings.
  33. Assist estimator with all coordination of preconstruction services with the design team.
  34. Manage warranty items to ensure timely completion.
  35. Review and implement Owner and/or Property specific rules to include those requirements in subcontract agreements.
  36. Accurately document schedule delays to support associated delay claims to owner including schedule updates. Understand and apply owner contract requirements for documenting delays.


  1. Complete the project within Budget, on time and without any downstream liabilities.
  2. Create high morale among the team members to strengthen the corporate image.
  3. Administer contract documents, subcontracts and purchase orders in accordance with company policy.
  4. Maximize efficiency of time and effort
  5. Minimize potential for future lawsuits.
  6. Through team efforts, professional growth and projects completed with pride will be attained.
  7. Perform all duties and responsibilities in the best interest of company.

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